Muscle Building – 3 Awesome Foods That Burn Fat

It is a well known fact that muscle builders do not only want to build muscle, but they also want to lose fat. Most prefer to be lean muscle builders than huge “fatty” body builders. Aside from exercise and expensive diet pills and plans, eating the right food can help you burn fat…

3 Awesome Foods That Burn Fat
1. Bananas
Bananas are a tropical fruit. These bad boys contain about 400 mg of potassium – a chemical that can increase the speed of your metabolism which in turn, leads to fat burning. You need to eat about 2000 mg of potassium every day and this adds up to about 4-5 bananas. But don’t worry, you can also eat oranges and drink milk, which also contains potassium.
2. Cinnamon
Taking cinnamon with a food can actually lead in an increase of ability for your body to metabolize sugar. This increase can sometimes range to as much as 20 times faster. As well, cinnamon can lower your blood-sugar levels which can prevent diseases. You need to consume about ¼ cups of cinnamon for the benefits to be maximized.
3. And guess this one…
Many people cannot stand the smell and it usually scares away all the people you see. But you know what it also scares away? Fat! If you guessed garlic, then you are correct. Garlic contains special properties that can help boost your metabolism, resulting in a quicker fat-burning experience. You can mix garlic with other foods and you don’t have to eat it whole ( thank goodness).



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