Reasons Why Your Workout Results Are Not As Impressive

When you set weight objectives, you want to give your best efforts to achieve the kind of results that you yearn for. Apart from making all the right food choices, you also should combine with good workouts and healthy lifestyle changes to see impressive results. But this is not always the case for most people. There are people who give workout sessions their best and yet the results they yearn for do not seem to be forthcoming.

Muscle Building Mistakes
If you are among those people who keep working out but are not happy with the results, then it could be that you are making common mistakes. There are so many reasons as to why your desired results are dragging on and on. What you need to do is find out what you are doing wrong and putting in measures to correct them so you get the optimum results that you deserve from your workouts.
1. Your workouts are not properly fueled – What you eat before a workout really matters and should always matter. Whereas it is not advisable to overeat or indulge in a meal before you exercise, you definitely should take foods that keep fatigue at bay. If you eat fatty foods before a workout, you will leave the body competing for blood supply because the foods take much longer to digest. This can affect your performance and you could also have muscle cramps in the end. The same will happen if you have not taken enough carbs before a workout because it affects energy levels and you may not last through a session to achieve effective results. Find out what the best and healthy way of fueling the body before a workout is and do it right to enjoy better results with your next workout.
2. You have a poor cardio workout plan – Cardio workouts are not created equal and you therefore need to strike come kind of balance in your workout plan. You, for instance, should not stay too long on a bike or treadmill otherwise you will only break down lean muscle mass and slow your metabolism making it harder to lose weight. Try as much as possible to combine cardio with high intensity training programs so you get better results faster. You can also consider including sprint intervals in between your cardio workout plan to get the best results. If you are not sure what plan is best for achieving optimal results, then get help from a personal trainer to ensure that you get it right every time.
3. You recovery process is all wrong – Recovery after intense workout is very crucial in any program. If you do not refuel and allow enough relaxing, you may end up pumping cortisol and breaking down muscle. Whereas recovery does not mean that you take several days off your workout program, you should know how to refuel healthy so you do not break down muscle, making your efforts useless. Give muscles time to recover by rotating between working out the upper body and the lower body too.

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