Three Reasons You Aren’t Building Bigger Biceps

Large, bulging biceps is a goal nearly all weight lifters aim for but most fail to reach their full potential. Below are three common reasons why you aren’t building bigger biceps.
Not Lifting Heavy Enough
Most beginning weight lifters understand the concept of basic movements, and why certain exercises grow muscle. A common oversight is how the muscles respond to different weights for the same exercise. Using light weights with high repetitions will increase your body’s endurance but is unlikely to increase muscle mass.

Reasons You Aren't Building Bigger Biceps

If you’re exercising diligently but you aren’t building bigger biceps, you may not be lifting weights heavy enough to stimulate muscle growth. A higher weight with lower repetitions is recommended to increase muscle mass and density.
You’ve Reached A Plateau
Your body is designed to adapt to your behavior. It’s the reason you add muscle mass, and the reason you stop growing. After several weeks of a specific routine your body will add muscle to reduce fatigue. Increasing muscle mass is how your body adapts to behavior. Once your body has adapted to your current routine, however, there is no need to add additional muscle.
A plateau means your body’s muscle mass and your workout behavior are in balance. To break through a plateau, you will need to introduce new behavior through different exercises so your body will adapt with new muscle growth.
Your Diet Isn’t Optimized
When trying to build bigger biceps you have to incorporate the proper diet to allow growth. A common mistake is trying to add muscle mass while on a strict diet. You’re unlikely to consume enough calories while dieting, which not only limits your growth potential, but can also lead to premature fatigue.
Cycling your goals will prove more rewarding than trying to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. A six week cycle of muscle building with a high calorie, high protein diet is optimal for increasing your gains.


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