What is Whey Protein? And Why Should I Take It?

It’s been hard to avoid the growing demand for whey protein over the past decade – but even more so over the past year. The popularity of this dietary supplement has really sky-rocketed as more and more people worldwide look to improve their muscle strength and size. Not only this, but more and more people are using it to help them lose weight. It’s no longer ‘strange’ to take your supplement while at work.
What is Whey Protein
Firstly, though, before we go any further… what actually is whey protein? Basically, it is the by-product of cheese production. It is derived from milk, but unlike milk, whey protein doesn’t contain any lactose sugar or fat. When it comes to muscle-building supplements, it is by far the best to take. To put it simply, it gives you all the ‘good bits’ – like amino acids, without giving you to ‘bad bits’ – like fats too. You could just eat more meat, for example, but whey does have several benefits you won’t normally get by just adjusting your ‘real food’ diet. For example:
* It is relatively cheap, and convenient to use (in the form of a shake).
* It can help you increase your muscle mass and strength.
* It can help to speed up your muscle recovery time, and help to keep your body fit and healthy.
* It can help you lose weight.
Are all shakes the same?
The answer to this is no. It is important to understand that every single protein shake is different from the last, and each brand will make their shakes differently by including different ingredients. If you are wanting to improve your performance in the gym, speed up your recovery time and increase the size of your muscles you may want to read into whey some more. As mentioned, millions of people worldwide keep using it, and providing you use it along side an appropriate exercise routine – you should see some results.



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