5 Reasons Why You’re Not Growing New Muscle

You talk the talk, and you try to walk the walk. You follow a disciplined diet plan, scarfing down piles of chicken, rice, pasta, eggs, and mile each day. You hit the gym religiously and you train longer and harder than most people around you. You’re making progress, and you enjoy being lean as you are – but the new muscle just seems to be coming more slowly than you’d like.

 Reasons Why You're Not Growing New Muscle
It’s time to beef it up. It’s time to add steak, hamburger, and another other prepared method of beef to your daily diet. Start small so that your gut doesn’t become too upset, but no doubt, you should be consuming 3 to 8 ounces of beef 2 to 3 times per day. Let’s examine some of the benefits for the bodybuilder who is considering adding more beef to his diet.
Adequate Calories
If you’re looking to gain weight, you need more calories. Beef is rich in calories. It’s actually that simple!
Your body uses fats for the muscle metabolism process, and your brain and other organs work much more efficiently when adequate fats are present. Don’t go super fatty with beef, but don’t resort to the nearly fat free version either!
In case you didn’t know, beef actually contains creatine! You know, that white powder that makes you thicker and bigger and stronger?
Slow Digestive Nature
If you have a high metabolism, then you probably wake up in the middle of the night hungry after you consume low-calorie, low-fat protein sources. You won’t have this problem with beef, as the higher fat nature means it’ll be slowly digesting all night!
Attitude Adjustment
You will never meet a calm and refrained man who chomps down beef with 3 meals each day. Rather, if you eat beef, you are more likely to be an aggressive individual, ready to tackle any obstacle that stands in your way in the weight room.
Most of the people who make serious gains in terms of muscle mass do so in what is commonly referred to as a ‘clean bulk’. No, they’re not eating ice cream by the gallon and woofing down everything under the sun. However, they are enjoying a bit of extra fat and calories, getting a tad sloppy as they work to add much needed mass to their frames.
Whey protein and egg whites are nice – but if you’re ready to add some thick, new muscle to your frame, then beef is the way to go!



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