A Bicep Strength Training Routine

The most popular muscle for someone to want is the bicep. Many people strive everyday for bigger biceps. Some people on the other hand do not care for big biceps. What those people want are powerful biceps. There are many routines which help you acquire growth in the biceps but not that many that talk about building strength and power. The routine below is my bicep strength training routine.

Bicep Strength Training Routine
Standing Barbell Curl- 2 sets of 3-5 reps
Hammer Curl- 2 sets of 3-5 reps
Supinating Dumbbell Curl- 1 set of 2-4 reps
You might be wondering why I do only 5 sets altogether or why is my rep range so low? The technique here is simple, if you want powerful biceps you must lift very heavy. Five sets of really heavy weights will feel the same as 15 sets of very light weight. If you think about it, the routine is common sense, If you want to get stronger in any area you must lift heavy and through the time you will get used to that given weight and next time you will be ready to lift even heavier. The exercises above are proven to be the most effective bicep exercises hence I like to stick to them. It is crucial to only do this type of routine once a week since it is very stressful on your CNS. Also when performing this type of routine you must get plenty of sleep and consume excess amounts of calories. Keeping a pattern of lifting heavy, eating heavy and sleeping heavy will guarantee you massive strength gains.



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