Body Building – 3 Must Eat Foods For Bigger Muscles

One of the keys to body building is that you need to have the right foods. The types of foods you eat is actually where you should keep your closest eye on. The reason behind this is because different foods have different benefits. You need to have the right combination of food and workout in order to make the most of your efforts…

Must Eat Foods For Bigger Muscles
#1 – The world is filled with it…
The first food may seem simple and obvious, but it is the most important. Water is the key food (drink) that you should take in order to get bigger muscles. Your muscles are made up of around 75% water so it makes sense that you should consume as much as you can. The more water your body has, the slower your body uses protein to build muscle and this is a good thing.
#2 – America is addicted to it…
One word, coffee! You may think that coffee is a bad thing, but here is an interesting fact: When you drink coffee a few hours before your workout, you will be able to lift weights for longer periods of time. It is also said the coffee is capable of directly stimulating your muscles.
#3 – Eating this actually “helps” the environment…
It is said that cows are a big contributor to global warming and by eating them, we cut down the CO2 that they release when they pass gas. So the next time you eat beef, not only are you building muscle, you are also helping the environment. But all jokes aside, beef is high in protein and is a rich source of zinc and iron. The best beef to eat though is beef than is extra-lean cut as it contains less fat.



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