Chest Exercises – Get a Supercharged Chest With These Workouts

Guys in the gym love working out their chest. If you look around next time you are there you will notice that the chest equipment is the most frequented out of all of them. This is no coincidence, all men want to have a great chest because they know it looks good.

Chest Exercises
The problem these men have is that when they are done in the gym they do not continue their work on the chest. Their workouts at home do not include the chest. This might be because they are unsure of how they might train the chest, who knows.
In this article I am going to be sharing some of the best chest exercises you can do that require no gym equipment at all and can be done from your own home.
1) Decline Pushup
With this pushup you are going to need a elevated surface where you can place your feet. This surface should be at a height at least one foot off the ground, the higher your feet off the ground the higher in your chest you will be working out until you start to workout your shoulders more than your chest, so pick a nice height somewhere in the middle.
Now you are going to place your feet on this surface and get into the normal pushup position, You will notice when you perform pushups from this position that more pressure is on your chest, this is good, this means that your chest is getting a good workout from this exercise.
2) Box Pushup
With the box pushup you are going to need a box that is approximately 1 foot in height. Now get into the normal pushup stance with the box just in front of you and pretty close.
Now perform a standard pushup but when you go to push back up do so with enough force that you push your hands off the floor and land on the box. Now while you are on the box you should push off again but this time you should land back on the floor. This 2 pushup routine should count as 1 rep.



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