How To Get Bigger Arms In A Month With Dumbbells

I am going to show you how to get bigger arms in a month with dumbbells. One of the most effective ways to do this, is with something called high frequency training. As the name suggests, high frequency training, is where you exercise a muscle frequently. As opposed to training a muscle 1-2 times a week.
When I say high frequency, I am talking about training a muscle 6 times per week! But do not worry, the ‘workouts’ to get bigger arms, only last about 5 minutes.

Get Bigger Arms
So, what do you need to do to get bigger arms in a month with dumbbells? Lets find out.

Get Bigger Arms In A Month With Dumbbells

Rather than give you a long winded explanation of everything, I will point out some bullet points. On the main method of using this high frequency system for bigger arms.
  1. You need to select two exercises to do; one for the biceps and one for the triceps (back of arm). Something simple like biceps curls for the biceps, and the dumbbell french press for the triceps, will be fine. But pick whatever you want to.
  2. Secondly, pick a weight on your dumbbells, that you can do for around 10 reps, for each of the exercises.
  3. Do 2 sets for each exercise for as many reps as possible. Start of with the triceps exercise, rest for 30 seconds, then do a set for the biceps. Before resting and going back to the biceps and triceps after that. These are called alternating sets.
  4. Check out your guns! (This is optional)
This routine should be done 6 days a week. It should also be added onto your existing workout routine. On the days when you have a workout, you can do this short routine at the start, before going into your normal workout. Or you can do this short workout separately in the morning or evening time opposite of your normal workout.
Warning: Do not be tempted to do more than 2 sets a day for each exercise. You are already doing loads of volume over the six days, plus your own workouts.
Super Warning: For the love of God, please do not do some stupid workout, on your proper workout days, consisting of 600 biceps curl variations. Do a proper routine that works the entire body.


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  1. To help prevent injuries from occurring or in adding in the rehabilitation of an injury, dumbells are prevalently used. Dumbbells are able to target specific muscles in ligaments in the arms, chest, shoulder, back, abdomen, and the legs. They may suggest you continue the therapy at home as well. You will want to get a set of dumbbells that will match the weights recommended by your physical therapist.

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