How To Get Bigger Shoulders And Arms

I am going to show you a quick shoulders and arms workout I did earlier today. This is the sort of workout that you will enjoy because it gives you a nice pump and feels great. The workout is fairly intense so that means it does not take as long to do, which is great for days when you do not have much time.
The workout itself is based on tri-sets. If you do not know what they are; tri-sets are three exercises performed back to back with no rest in between. If you don’t fully understand – do not worry you will get the idea after you have finished reading the workout. So let’s get stuck in a have a look at the workout below.

Shoulders And Arms Workout
Tri-Set 1 – Shoulders
A1 – Front Lateral Raise
A2 – Side Lateral Raise
A3 – Shoulder Press
Tri-Set 2 – Biceps (Front of arm)
B1 – Barbell Biceps Curl
B2 – Dumbbell Hammer Curl
B3 – Seated Dumbbell Curl
Tri-Set 3 – Triceps (Back of arm)
C1 – Close Grip Push Up (use knees if you have to)
C2 – Dumbbell French Press
C3 – Triceps Extension
Shoulders And Arms Workout Explanation
The above shoulder and arms workout is fairly simple so do not worry if it looks complicated. To perform the workout just work through the exercises as listed. Perform 8-12 reps for each exercise. Take 10 seconds rest between each exercises but rest for 30 after the third exercise of the tri-set.
For example: perform 1 set of all the A exercises as listed, rest for 30 seconds then move onto the B exercises, rest for 30 seconds and then do all the C exercises. That then completes one round of all the exercises. You can then repeat all the tris-sets another 2 times to complete all exercises 3 times each.
Generally speaking the workout is fast paced so rattle through all the exercises quickly and do not be lazy. You will love the feeling you get from this workout because you get a great pump. If you feel a slight burning sensation do not worry, that is lactic acid in your muscles. If you feel this burning sensation you are working hard and doing everything right!
I should also mention that even if you only want bigger shoulders and arms; it is important to work the entire body at some point. One full body workout done once per week is sufficient.



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