How To Make Your Back Muscles Stand Out

Ever wondered how to make your back muscles stand out to get that V-tapered look? Back muscles are an area that is very often neglected but is necessary to develop in order to have a strong upper body.
Most guys at the gym will spend their time focusing on the chest and on their arms but neglect the entire back. It is easy to get caught up with the beach muscles in order to show off but having good back development will have huge rewards.
Back muscles are necessary for posture and if the chest muscles are bigger and stronger than your back you will have the appearance as if you were slouching. A second advantage in having strong back muscles is vanity purposes. Think about it. If someone checks you out it won’t just be when you are facing them, in fact they will look back at you and your back will stand out.

How To Make Your Back Muscles Stand Out
Making your back muscles stand out is not just a matter of doing a couple of sets of lat pull downs but unfortunately that is what most people do expecting this is enough. As with any muscle group you need to work the muscles from every angle to give it balance and reach its potential.
Here are the best exercises to use for your back muscles
  • Pull-ups: hands down this is the best for back development. Grab an overhead bar and simply pull yourself up until your chin reaches the bar. The grip to use is slightly wider than shoulder width but you can switch it up to an overhand or underhand grip or wide grip or shoulder wide grip
  • Rows: rows are great for developing thickness in the middle back muscles. You can do dumbbell rows, cable rows or t bar rows.
  • Lat pull downs: lat pull downs are great for giving you what some call “wings.” Doing this exercise will work the upper and middle back as well as the lats.
  • Low rows: this is a neglected exercise you should consider adding to your repertoire. Low rows work not only the back but also the traps and the rear delts.
  • Hyperextensions: this exercise is also neglected but very important. You face down on a hyperextension machine or bench with your arms across your chest you come up slowly.
Work on your back muscles once or twice a week. Do these in your back repertoire once a week 4 sets of 10 repetitions and you will see gains soon.



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