Pectoral Workouts – The Best Exercises For Big Pecs

If you are a body builder then you probably know already that the pectorals or chest muscles is one of the muscles of the body that is so hard to develop. It is much harder if you are a skinny guy.
The answer to having bigger chest muscles is the proper performance of pectoral workouts. Not sure what exercise to do? Then read on to know more about chest exercises.

Pectoral Workouts
Below are five of the best exercise that you should include in your pectoral workouts. These are all compound exercises meaning that they will work more than just your pectorals.
Bench Press(works the lower pecs)
Decline Bench Press
Incline Bench Press (works the upper pecs)
Dumbbell Flyes (great for working the inner pecs to fill out the chest area)
Push Ups (can also perform inclined, wide-grip and close-grip push ups for variation)
In order to get the most from pectoral workouts and get maximum muscle gain, you must make sure that you are lifting heavy weights. You should aim to accomplish 6 to 10 reps on 2 to 3 sets each exercise.
You will know that the weights you are using are too heavy if you are struggling to finish 2 to 6 reps. If you are doing the exercise easily then you are using weights that are too light. 
To see more growth in your chest muscles, you should strive to keep good form and technique when doing your pectoral workouts. You must remember that the more you isolate the effort and tension in your chest muscles, the more growth you will see.



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