Reasons Why BSN True Mass Is A Popular Weight Gainer

The muscle building dietary supplement industry has an abundance of products to offer, from a variety of categories. Weight gainer shakes are among the most often used, because it achieves a commonly desired target. The theory is simple: intense weightlifting in conjunction with a high calorie eating routine should theoretically improve the muscle on your body.

BSN True Mass
You can find dozens, if not hundreds of weight gainers out there, with various proportions of carbs, proteins and calories. BSN has hit the nail on the head with the makeup of True Mass.
With 75 grams per serving, True Mass gives you the energy to train hard, and uses these carbohydrates rather than the energy stored in existing muscles. Carbohydrates are necessary in any diet, however greater quantities are important when undertaking any workout routine, particularly weightlifting.
It is common knowledge that protein is the basic building block of muscle mass. BSN True Mass packs 46 grams of proteins into each serving via 6 different sources. Each one is digested at a different rate and thus your muscles have a regular supply of amino acids and maintain an anabolic state.
Calories are a measure of energy, and it is necessary for bodybuilders of all levels to consume more calories than normal. The real reason for this is that a large amount of calories are burnt off during intense weight training workouts. For muscles to grow, they require additional calories, and weight gain supplements such as BSN True Mass make it convenient to ingest enough on a daily basis. True Mass has around 630 calories per 3 scoop serving, whereas other weight gainers could have half this amount.
Along with the carbohydrates, calories and proteins, True Mass also includes the whole spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and healthy fats. It is therefore one of the most comprehensive, healthy weight gainers you can purchase.
Coupled with a well structured training and diet routine, BSN True Mass can produce great results. Used three times a day, users will give their body everything it requires to grow, it’s that simple!
It is available in Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Cookies & Cream flavours. BSN products have a reputation as some of the best tasting in the industry, making it a pleasure rather than a chore to consume the nutrients you need to pack on quality lean muscle.



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