Shoulder Workout – Best Shoulder Exercise To Build Monstrous Shoulders

Ever wanted a monstrous shoulder that would pop out of your t-shirt? In this short article I will explain to you the secrets to shoulder workout to building insane shoulders that most fitness athletes don’t know, so read on!
Shoulder exercises target the primary shoulder muscles also known as delts or deltoid muscles. In fact, each deltoid muscle consists of three separate sets of muscle fibers such as the anterior, posterior and lateral fibers. When working out, it is very important to target these three muscle fibers for you to completely enhance your shoulder muscles.

Best Shoulder Exercise
One fundamental shoulder exercise is the shoulder press, which can be performed through the use of barbell, dumbbells or a smith machine. This can also be done while sitting or standing. Moreover, most people do it by bringing the weight down in front of their chin and then lifting it again. Some people perform shoulder press by carrying the barbell down at the back of their neck, which is unsafe because you may strain and hurt your neck while doing so.
Shoulder shrug is another known shoulder activity. This exercise is easier and is being used to strengthen the shoulders especially the upper trapezius muscle and neck area. Compared to shoulder press, this is used as a secondary shoulder exercise and performed by holding either a barbell or dumbbell and shrugging the shoulders up and down. As long as the entire movement is controlled, you will be able to gain strength from this exercise and even prevent an injury.
One of the advanced shoulder exercise is the standing shoulder press, an extraordinary free-weight compound exercise. It is considered as a great stance if you’re looking forward to enhancing overhead pressing strength, shoulder mass and core stability. With this shoulder workout, most of the work is being done by the anterior deltoids or the front of the shoulders and triceps.
Another advanced shoulder activity is the Lateral Raises, the most significant exercise for shoulder width and mass. This exercise works on the medial deltoid, or the lateral fibers. It is being performed to some degree, in a variety of lifts such as overhead shoulder press and upright row. While it is oftentimes neglected, I’m telling you that if you desire to widen your shoulders and achieve that V-shape body, then lateral raise is the best shoulder workout for you.
I’ll share with you a routine that I frequently used throughout my training season as a professional body builder. This is also known as a Classic 3-Day Split which splits the body into three parts and three-day training as well. Several combinations may be performed but here are the most common:
Monday: Chest and Back Workout
Wednesday: Thigh and Hamstring Exercise Friday: Arms, Calves and Shoulder Workout or
Monday: Chest, Biceps, Triceps and Calves Workout
Wednesday: Thigh and Hamstring Exercise
Friday: Back and Shoulder Workout
Doing shoulder workout is very important to gain monstrous shoulders. We should not over train the shoulder and that we work them out once per week allowing enough time for it to rest. Utilizing the exercises as outlined above I can guarantee that you will gain massive size in your shoulders in no time.



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