The Two Biggest Steps to Getting Ripped

Now that the holidays are all done for another year most men are focusing on their New Years resolutions. The biggest one every single year is to get in better shape and I’m going to try and help by showing you my two biggest steps to getting a ripped body.
Before we start make sure that you want to get in good shape for all the right reasons. Too often men, and women too, want to get in shape simply so they will look good. Remember that exercising and eating well is crucial for the health of your insides as well.
Two Biggest Steps to Getting Ripped
Now let’s get on to the steps:
1) Eat Right and Eat Often.
This one is huge and may be the biggest step of all. Most people have no idea how to eat right. If you want to get ripped you need to eat, contrary to what most people think, a lot of food. But you have to eat a lot of the right food.
I’d recommend having around four of five small meals a day. Try and load your meals with protein foods like chicken, egg whites, vegetables, and fish.
Also try taking fiber capsules to keep everything running smoothly.
2) Don’t Workout Too Hard.
Again most men think the harder they work out the more in shape they will be but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Your muscles only grow when you are resting. Try working out everyday but just for a little bit. Try making it so every other day you run and every other day you lift weights.
By doing it this way the different muscles you work have a day to rest.
Getting ripped isn’t some science. There’s no exact same steps you can copy because everyone has a different body. There are certain fundamentals that never change and I’ve just given them to you above!


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