12 Muscle Building Myths You Will Not Believe

1. Getting a Pump Is Necessary for Muscular Size
This can be very misleading because if you do many sets with very light weight you will get a pump, but from fatigue, not from overload. Which will not cause your muscle to grow.
2. Train Instinctively and “listen to Your Body”
There is no way to gauge if you are improving by doing this. You need to log your progress over time and see how you are improving to avoid this Muscle Building Myth.
3. You Need to Shock Your Muscles and keep them Guessing
This is one of the most powerful myths. It is so crazy it seems to make sense. Your muscles have no personality that can not be tricked into getting stronger.

Muscle Building Myths
4. High reps equal Getting cut and low reps equal Mass
This is just not the case. Your muscles grow as they get stronger determined by your physically.
5. Take Steroids if You Have Not Made Gains after a few Years
This is the worst idea. Drugs have too many physical and emotional side effects. When you stop the muscles disappear and you have all these side effects. This is one of the most misunderstood Muscle Building Myths.
6. You Need to alternate Between low Intensity Phases and High Intensity Phases
For muscle gains you need to constantly overload you muscles by increasing the demands on them.
7. Searching for the Perfect Workout
There is no such thing. Since we are all different we must gauge for ourselves what we need to improve on.
8. For the Best results You Must train to failure
This is just incorrect in so many ways. You must get excited to do more every time you train and if you train to failure you won’t be in the right frame of mind to do that.
9. Yesterday Was chest Day, today Is leg Day and tomorrow Is arm Day
This is true, but most likely will lead to over training. Since your whole body needs to recover, not just the muscles you trained.
10. I Am Training To Sculpt, Tone, Shape And Define”
This is just not possible. As you get stronger your muscles grow. If you have excess fat they will be less defined and you need to look at your nutrition.
11. If You are Not Getting Bigger Blame it on Your Genetics
This is just an excuse to be lazy. So people will gain faster and easier in the beginning, but through constant muscle overload your muscles can not help, but get bigger and stronger.
12. Nutrition Supplements Will Help You Gain Muscle
If you are following good regimen of exercise and good eating habits supplement are not necessary. They are basically crushed up food with added coloring and flavoring. The only reason to consider them is if you can not find the time to eat properly and avoid these Muscle Building Myths.



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