3 Great Mass Building Back Exercises

If you know anything about working out to gain muscle mass then you know that it is important to focus on compound exercises rather than isolation movements. This is particularly true when you are working out the muscles of your back. So today I am going to share with you three great mass building back exercises. each of which is a compound movement.

Mass Building Back Exercises
Exercise #1) Reverse-Grip Lat Pull-Downs
This is a great exercise to start back day off with because not only is it a great mass builder, but it is also excellent for stretching out your lats and getting them loosened up and ready for the rest of the heavy lifting that you are going to be doing. This exercise is preformed seated in front of a high cable pulley with a wide grip pull-down bar attached to it. You begin this movement seated with your knees below the knee-pads and your arms raised holding the pull-down bar. Your hands should be slightly more than shoulder width apart with your palms facing you. Your back should be arched slightly and your head should be level with your gaze straight out ahead of you. To start this movement pull down on the bar until it comes into contact with your upper chest. When it hits your chest, squeeze your back muscles for a brief second and then slowly allow the bar to return to the start position. Repeat this for reps.
Exercise #2) Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows
This is an excellent mass building exercise for your back. Start by positioning yourself over a flat weight bench with your left knee and left hand on the bench, your right foot on the floor and in your right hand hold a dumbbell hanging down below the bench. Your back should be perpendicular to the floor and your neck and head should be in line with your torso so that you are looking downwards and slightly in front of you. To begin the motion, pull the dumbbell straight up towards the right side of your rib cage until you can touch the side of your ribs with your wrist. When your rest touches you ribs, begin slowly lowering the dumbbell to the starting position and then repeat for reps. Once you have finished your reps on the right side, do these holding the dumbbell in your left hand, with your left foot on the floor and your right hand and knee on the bench. While executing this move, try to keep the rest of your body still, the only body parts that should be moving is the arm holding the dumbbell.
Exercise #3) Deadlifts
This is another great mass builder that not only targets your entire back but also your hamstrings and glutes. To do this one stand holding a barbell at your waist with both hands. You can use either an overhand grip or you can use an alternating grip which means that one of your hands uses an overhand grip and the other hand uses an underhand grip. Your knees should be slightly bent, your back should be slightly arches and your head and neck should be straight. To perform this movement slowly bend at your knees and arch your back while sliding the barbell down your thighs towards the floor. Resist the urge to bend your torso forward and instead keep your chest and shoulders up at all times. When the barbell reaches the middle of your shins pull your knees back and stand up straight so that the barbell returns to the start position.



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