4 Common Myths About Bodybuilder Supplements

Curious about which bodybuilder supplements are going to provide you the greatest benefit for your money invested? There’s no questioning the fact that far too many people put a great deal of emphasis on their supplementation for muscle building growth.
They’ll hit up the supplement store and spend hundreds of dollars on bodybuilder supplements, hoping that this does the trick to pack pounds of lean muscle mass onto their frame.
But, when that muscle mass fails to come about, they’re often left wondering where they went wrong.

Bodybuilder Supplements
If you want to actually succeed with your muscle building goals then it’s going to be vital that you know some of the common myths about bodybuilder supplements. By taking these into account, you can be sure that you aren’t wasting any of your hard-earned dollars and are on the path to success.
Let’s take a quick look at what you should know.
Creatine Will Cause Muscle Growth Automatically
The very first common myth that circulates around is the creatine-muscle building myth.
Think that just because you’re taking creatine you’re instantly going to build five to ten pounds more muscle this month?
You might want to think again.
The truth to know about creatine is that while it can definitely help you build muscle, it’s only going to do so if you’re working harder in the gym. Creatine will help provide the high energy compound that’s needed for muscular contractions and to fight fatigue, so from that standpoint it does help you, but true muscle growth will only be realized if you’re putting in more work because of it.
If you just take creatine and change nothing about your workout whatsoever, you’ll be left wondering where your results went.
Growth Hormone Boosters Will Rapidly Increase Growth Hormone
Second, another common myth that’s believed about bodybuilder supplements is that growth hormone boosting products will really enhance overall growth hormone levels, bringing on strength that much faster.
Here you must remember that while they may help out slightly in that regard, they aren’t going to make that big of a difference. In fact, what you do on a daily basis – more specifically how much sleep you get at night has more of an influence on growth hormone so if you’re looking to maximize this that should be your priority.
Protein Powders Are Better Than Real Food
Third, protein powders get hyped up quite often as one of the best bodybuilder supplements to be using and you’ll see guys taking two, three, or even five scoops a day in their quest for size.
While protein powders will supply the protein that the muscles need to build and repair, realize that there’s really nothing ‘magical’ about them.
They supply the same amino acids that real food would supply you and more often than not, real food will be your better bet because it’s digested more slowly by the body.
The one time when protein powders are superior is right after a workout because then you do want that fast digesting nature they provide, but the rest of the time stick with whole foods.
All Supplements Should Be Cycled
Finally, the last myth that surrounds bodybuilder supplements is that you should always be cycling every supplement you use. While certain ones will require cycling and you should always be reading the usage instructions to check on this, many don’t.
For example, with protein powder or creatine, you can take these as long as you’re working out without any issues. The body isn’t going to adapt to them and they’re not going to stop being effective (provided you’re using them correctly in the first place).
So get that notion out of your head. Learn how to use whatever supplements you’re on properly by reading the package directions carefully.



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