Building Muscle – Developing Your Inner Pectorals

To build broad, defined pectorals get off the flat bench once and awhile and perform some exercises that target your inner pecs. Popular chest exercises like push-ups and chest presses develop the middle of your chest. Do not stop doing these exercises because they build the biggest part of your chest muscles; simply mix in one to two inner pec exercises per workout.
Cable Crossovers
Cable crossovers are a unique chest exercise that targets the pecs using a cable crossover machine. This particular machine has two weight stacks each with a high, middle and low pulley. To perform a cable crossover, stand in the center of the machine with your arms outstretched to the sides and holding a handle of a cable at head height. Turn your palms to face forward. Take one small step forward so that your hands are slightly behind you. Then pull your arms forward and down, crossing them in front of your abdomen. Reverse the motion.

Developing Your Inner Pectorals
Cable crossovers are one of the best exercises for developing your inner pecs because your arms cross. Due to the wide range of motion during this exercise you also develop your lower and outer pecs. Another benefit of this exercise is that the cables are attached to separate weight stacks so neither side of your pecs can perform more work than the other. Sometimes, your stronger side overpowers your weak side and lifts more of the weight when both arms work against the same resistance. Simulate this exercise at home using two resistance bands.
Pec Deck Machine
The pec deck machine allows you to isolate your pecs and lift heavier weights because of the support offered by the machine. To really hit your inner pecs, squeeze your chest extra hard when you bring your arms together. Begin by sitting on the pec deck machine with your back pressed against the seat and your feet on the floor. Place your arms against the pec deck’s padded arms with your elbows bent and palms facing away from you. Press your arms forward and then inward until they touch. Reverse the motion.
A tip for performing this exercise correctly is to keep your back flush against the back pad throughout the entire exercise. Do not let it arch. Also, do not elevate your shoulders or bring your head forward.
Pullover to Close-Grip Bench Press
The close-grip bench press is a classic inner pec targeting exercise, but there is a variation that may work even better: combining a pullover with a close-grip bench press. Begin lying on a bench and hold a barbell with a narrow grip approximately 12 to 15 inches apart. Bend your arms to 90-degree angles and bring the bar overhead. Next, pull the barbell in an arch toward your abdomen. Bring the barbell back above your chest and then press the barbell upward.
Selecting Your Weights
Choosing the correct amount of weight for each exercise ensures that you develop your pecs fully. The right amount of weight for you is whatever amount allows you to complete a set with correct form, but prohibits you from doing additional reps. To develop the inner pecs, use a weight that fatigues your chest within six to 12 reps. Choose one or two inner pec exercises per workout and hit the chest three days a week.
Adding these exercises into your usual chest routine bulks up your inner pecs so that your middle pecs do not stick out unnaturally. Also include in your routine some incline and decline exercises to target your upper and lower pecs. Varying your exercises helps creates a chest worthy of bodybuilding competitions.



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