How to Build Muscle If You’re Skinny (Workout Plan Included)

If you’re an ectomorph (naturally skinny) you have likely asked yourself once in your life: How to build muscle if your skinny? Why is it so hard for skinny guys to build muscle? This is because skinny guys or ectomorphs have very fast metabolisms and naturally thin muscles.
However these genetics CAN be overcome. Just Google Frank Zane and you’ll see how muscular an ectomorph can be.

How to Build Muscle If You're Skinny
Building muscle for everyone revolves around a solid nutrition, workout, and rest plan of action. To go into all of these is beyond the scope of a short article but here I’ll provide you VERY effective exercises for a naturally skinny guy to gain muscle quickly.
Chest, Shoulders, Triceps:
* Incline Bench Press and Dips
* Dumbbell Shoulder Presses and Lateral Raises
* Tricep Push downs and Skull Crushers
Back, Biceps:
* Deadlift, Lat Pulldowns, Barbell Row
* Barbell Curls, Incline Dumbbell Curls
* Barbell Squats, Lying Hamstring Curls, Leg Presses
* Standing Calf Raises, Seated Calf Raises
Utilize these exercises in the gym for an effective workout. Remember you have to complement this workout with a nutrition program designed specifically for skinny guys. Performing exercises and following nutrition/rest plans designed with SKINNY GUYS in mind is how to build muscle if your skinny.
Makes perfect sense doesn’t it? Just like you wouldn’t be able to fix a BMW following a Chrysler car’s manual, you won’t be able to build muscle following a program designed with other body types in mind (Mesomorphs and Endomorphs).
That is exactly the problem for skinny guys. Most of the resources available are designed for other body types.



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