How to Build Pectoral Muscles Fast – Add Inches to Your Chest in a Matter of Weeks

Ask any girl what her favorite body part on a guy is, and she will most likely tell you the chest. Almost every guy in the world wants to learn how to build pectoral muscles fast. And that’s understandable, having a nice chest makes you much more attractive and also makes you feel much better about yourself. The only problem is that many guys don’t know the correct way to build up your pectorals and they end up giving up without making any progress. But don’t worry, this won’t be you because you’re about to learn the secret to huge pecs.
How to Build Pectoral Muscles
First, your chest workout should be centered around compound exercises (flat, incline, and decline bench press; chest dips). Choose 2-3 of these workouts and do 2-3 sets of each. (start off with less and work your way up). You should do 8-12 reps with each set. This is the best number of reps to stimulate muscle growth.
Once you choose your workouts, now you need to determine the right amount of weight to lift. An easy way to do this is to use a weight that will allow your muscles to fail within the 8-12 rep range. What this means is that if you can squeeze out that 13th rep, you should move up in weight. Likewise, if you can’t quite get to the 8th rep, move down in weight.
Complete this workout twice per week with at least 72 hours of rest in between each.
Next, and probably even more important is your diet. When you want learn how to build pectoral muscles fast, you have to eat A LOT. Not only do you have to supply enough calories to repair your muscles, but to grow them as well! An easy way to determine this is to figure out how many calories you eat in a normal day. This is your maintenance intake. Now just add 500 to that number and that’s how many calories you should eat in order to build muscle. So if you’re currently eating around 2000 calories a day, you should bump it up to 2500 a day!
So there you have it. When you combine these two things you have the perfect recipe for amazing muscle gain. Stick to your plan and the results will come. I guarantee it!



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