How to Get Bigger Biceps in 4 Easy Steps

30 plus years ago there was a very popular movie character named Dirty Harry. Dirty Harry’s defining characteristic was his trademark .44 caliber magnum. This outrageously huge gun made Dirty Harry seem larger than life. Now imagine that Dirty Harry carried, not a giant .44 magnum, but a puny .22 caliber bean shooter. Suffice it say that he likely wouldn’t have intimidated anyone nor been remembered as a larger than life hero.
So when it comes to your “guns,” why should you accept average size when you can have some very intimidating and attractive biceps?

How to Get Bigger Biceps
I highly suspect that all men want big, ripped biceps because the their small and easy to develop (relative to other muscles), are easy to flaunt without getting completely undressed, and of course because the ladies just love to wrap their small arms around big muscles. Because biceps are small compared to the other muscles they are actually much easier to develop than the other muscle groups such as back, chest, and abdominals.
Here are 3 expert tips guaranteed to make sure you end up with.44 caliber sized guns:
1. Strictly limit your bicep workouts – Your biceps are actually more prone to overstraining than perhaps any other muscle group. This is simply because your arms are used to exercise other muscle groups such as chest, shoulder, and back. Contrary to popular belief, lifting weight like crazy will not develop your muscles. Overtraining can be as bad or worse than not training at all. You shouldn’t do more than 1 arm workout per week to prevent overtraining.
2. Increase your range of motion – In order to really develop your biceps you really need to hit all of the individual muscle fibers. The best way to do this is take the bicep from something called “pronation” to something called “supination.” These are fancy words that describe curling your arms towards you with your palms facing up. Every single repetition should begin with your arms fully extended which can be accomplished by briefly flexing your triceps before lifting the weight (the only way to flex your triceps to fully extend your arms).
3. Muscle Squeezing – Your biceps need to be shown what its like to actually be bigger. You can accomplish this by flexing or squeezing the bicep at the top of every curl for approximately 2 seconds. This squeezing will cause the muscle to contract and force blood, water, and lactic acid into the contracted bicep thus intensifying each rep.
4. Decrease Your Existing Weight – This is probably the most difficult thing for you to do because you may end up with a bruised ego. You should be able to do 6 full curls with your back and legs held firmly in place. If you are routinely doing less than 6 curls or move all over the place like a fish out of water while curling, you are going to need to decrease your weight appropriately



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