How to Get Six Pack Abs – Three Things You Must Focus On

When it comes to getting six pack abs-and getting them fast-there really are only three things you must focus on.
Without further delay-here we go!

How to Get Six Pack Abs
Yes, I know that most people think that exercising your abs is the best and fastest way to a six pack-but this is simply not true.
Your diet is the first place you need to start-if you are truly serious about getting a chiseled core. Why?
While exercise can burn off some calories, the fact remains, if you do not eat it you will not need to worry about burning it off.
So what to focus on?
Lean protein is up first and should be the first thing you eat because protein fills you up and keeps you full-which means you will eat less.
Good Stuff.
White meat chicken, turkey and lean beef fit the bill here.
Fat is next, focus on healthy fats from seeds, and fatty fish like sardines.
The rest of your diet should be made up of quality carb sources.
I know that books have been penned about carbs, but the reality is that vegetables and moderate amounts of fruits are good.
Steer clear of things like pre-packaged foods and processed carbohydrates.
If you do this, you will be fine.
I have mentioned this before, but I would rather see someone do twenty good, solid, leg raises-for example-than five hundred sloppy reps.
When you train your abs, or any body part for that matter, focus on quality over quantity.
Really concentrate on each rep-force the abs to do all of the work-do not cheat.
As far as exercises go-to me it is simple-do the ones that you will do.
I know this sounds silly, but, I know myself, I do not like crunches-so I do not do them.
I will do roman chair sit-ups all day though-so I focus on these.
Trust me if you focus on just one or two movements-one for the lower abs and one for the upper-and work them hard, the results will come.
Up last we have cardio-I know it can be boring-but it really is necessary, for not only sharp abs-but for overall health as well.
Which is why I take a simple approach to it.
Do what you know you will do.
Yes, this is the same approach I take with ab exercise-but it works.
I like walking-so this is my cardio exercise of choice.
And because I like it, and will do it-the results come.
So if you like tennis-grab your racket and head out to the courts.
If yard work is your thing-dig right in.
The point here is to do what you like-this way you will do it often-and see the results of your efforts.
I know the above three concepts are not new or cutting edge-but the fact is they have always worked and will continue to work.
So I urge you, if you are looking to get, or simply sharpen up your six pack for summer or a special occasion, give these ideas a try.
I know if you do, you will be more than pleased with the results!



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