How to Get Your Stomach Flat, Tight, and Toned Fast, Guaranteed!

How to Get your Stomach Flat once and for all
There are two reasons why your stomach is not flat.
-[1] You have fat around the middle
-[2] The muscles in your abdomen region are soft and not toned
In order to make your stomach flat you have lose body fat. Unfortunately fat accumulates most around the stomach. (Do not feel so bad if your a guy. Fat ALSO accumulates in the thighs and butt in addition to the stomach if your a women) A great analogy for body fat and its relation to your stomach think of your body as if it is a pool. The stomach is the deep end. Meaning if you have any excess fat on your body it is guaranteed you will have fat on your stomach. And your stomach will be the LAST place to get thin.
Now no matter how fat free you are if your stomach muscles are loose and flabby your stomach STILL will not be flat. (NO wonder it seems impossible to get a flat stomach!) Believe it or not crunches and sit ups and all the “conventional” ab exercises can actually make your stomach bigger. Yes these exercises WILL tighten up the muscles around the stomach but they will also cause the actual muscle tissue to grow if done improperly.

How to Get Your Stomach Flat,
How to get your Stomach Flat
Tip #1 to a flat stomach: Eat more frequently. Yes you read correctly. People think the way to lose weight is to starve yourself but here is what happens. If you go for more than about 6 hours without a meal your body thinks your starving. To protect itself it slows down your metabolism. When your metabolism slows down you burn less fat and store more fat. Say goodbye to a flat stomach.
Tip #2 to a flat stomach: Eat less VOLUME of food at each meal. This goes hand in hand with step #1 because if you are eating more frequently you will not have to eat as much to feel satisfied in full. In addition, since your body is getting nourishment more frequently, every 4 hours or so, your metabolism can now speed up because your body “feels safe”. Your body is not concerned with when the next meal is when you eat frequently.
Tip #3 to a flat stomach Drink a lot of water. Make water your best friend. Water has 0 calories. Become one of those obnoxious people that always have a bottle of spring water with them. Drinking lots of water is just plain good for you for one. Almost all physical ailments are directly or indirectly related to some level of dehydration. More importantly for our goal, a flat stomach, drink lots of water frequently keeps your stomach filled to some extent so you never get that intense, out of control, “I need a junk food fix” feeling. In fact combining tip #2 to a flat stomach, eat more frequently with tip #3 drink lots of water frequently, you will never ever feel anything more than just a little bit hungry.
Tip #4 to how to get flat stomach: Drink a glass of water BEFORE each meal AND drink water frequently during your meal. Again water has 0 calories. If your filling your stomach up with more water and less food that is less calories you are consuming during the day as a whole.
The previous 4 tips all related to diet. The second part of the equation is doing exercises for the stomach but doing the right ones. Doing the exercises for the stomach that will not cause the abdominal muscles to grow in size. The #1 exercise to absolutely STAY AWAY FROM at all costs is the situp. Not only is it bad for the back but it will cause your abdominal muscles to grow in size. The best exercises for the stomach have a very short range of motion.



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