How to Grow Your Chest in Order to Gain Weight?

In order to train your chest well, you need to understand how to do your exercise correctly. The secret to doing it correctly is to always aim to lower the weights to the imaginary line below your nipple. The reason why people do not get the maximum growth no matter how hard they train on their chest is because the weights are usually closer to their neck, thus resulting in a lot of the weight being worked out by your shoulders and Trapezius rather than your chest. There is also a tendency to lower the weights too close to their body which causes the back to be recruited which should not be the case. All your chest exercises should end when your elbows are in line with your shoulder, because anything more does not benefit your chest anymore.

How to Grow Your Chest in Order to Gain Weight

The next thing is to always do your compound exercise before the isolation exercise. This means that you hit the bench press and the incline barbell bench press before you switch to the dumbbells to do your isolation exercises and your dumbbell flies. The reason is because you want to activate and stimulate as many motor units in your chest muscles so that they will all grow rather than be extremely intensive to only a restricted angle of your chest. Working out your major muscles first also ensure that your body is fully warmed up, thus preventing any unnecessary injury from occurring. Doing your compound exercise also gives you a gauge of how much you should press for your isolation exercises. Remember that your compound exercises will always push or pull more weight than your isolation exercises.
The last and most important thing to note is diet and sleep. No one grows big just by hitting the gym only. All muscle growth happens when you sleep so the better quality of sleep you get, the more your chest will develop. Your diet also plays a huge part. Always eat a rich meal of 1 part carbohydrate and 3 parts protein an hour before you go to the gym. Finish your workout by having a rich meal of 3 parts of carbohydrates and 1 part protein immediately after your workout to get the maximum growth. To top everything off, invest in creatine so that you will push more for your bench press and that will result in more growth given the fact that you eat and sleep well. Creatine should be taken 1 hour before your workout on an empty stomach before you consume your meal.


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