How to Make My Legs Bigger – 6 Workouts to Help You Get Big Powerful Legs

I was working out at my favorite gym the other day and how refreshing it was to hear a newbie asking one of the gym owners “how to make my legs bigger?” These days, many weight training newbies are always asking how to get a pair of massive arms, bigger chest, wider back, and broader shoulders. Muscle groups in the lower body are often neglected because they are less noticeable and not “showy” enough compared to the muscles in the upper body.
Alright those looking for an answer to the above question, kindly listen up: Constructing a powerful and chiseled set of legs is not overly complicated and doesn’t require radical muscle growth supplements. It only requires the bare muscle-building fundamentals such as appropriate diet, sufficient rest, consistency and of course, the right leg killing workouts. As the title indicates, this article focuses on the exercises that are essential for developing a thicker and stronger pair of legs. Read on folks.

Workouts to Help You Get Big Powerful Legs
Blasting your quads
Squats – This exercise works your entire leg and it’s best for kick-starting your leg routine. It’s an immensely powerful movement thus proper form is a must in order to get the most out this exercise and avoid injury. You’ll forget ever asking the question how to make my legs bigger once you have mastered this movement.
Leg Press – A 45-degree leg press machine is required for this exercise. Sit on the leg press machine and set your feet on the platform. Extend your knees to push the weight up, unloose the lever and clutch the handles to sides firmly. Bring the platform down until your knees are bent, then push the weight back up and repeat until your desired reps are accomplished. Do not lock your knees when driving the weight up and avoid lifting heels of the weights.
Dumbbell Lunge – Another great exercise for nailing the quads. A pair of dumbbells is all you need to do this movement. Stand straight with dumbbells held to sides and feet shoulder-width apart. Lunge forward with one leg until the knee of the rear leg is near touching the ground. Return to the standing position by pushing your body back up using the forward leg. Finish the set by alternating the movement with both legs.
Whamming your hamstrings
Barbell Straight Leg Deadlift – Stand with feet beneath the bar and spread a bit narrower than shoulder-width apart. Clutch the barbell firmly then lift it up to standing position. Bend forward and lower the bar toward the top of your feet to flex the hamstrings, keeping your knees slightly bend and lower back arched. Once the hips are maximally flexed, extend your waist and hip to return to standing position to lift the weight back up. Best not stand totally straight upon returning to the starting position as this will greatly reduce the tension in the hamstrings. So knees are kept slightly bent but arms must remain straight throughout the lift.
Clobbering your calves
Lever Standing Calf Raise – I think machines are better than free weights when it comes to stimulating the calves. Position your shoulders under the lever pads and the balls of your feet firmly on the platform. Allow your heels to drop down completely to get your calves fully extended. Perform this movement by raising your heels as high as possible, fully squeeze those calves then lower the heels to return to original position. Repeat until you calves begin to cry for mercy.
Single leg dumbbell calf raises – No machine? No problem. Free weights can be used as well and the best tool to execute this movement is a pair of dumbbells. Start by holding a dumbbell to your side (not two dumbbells, otherwise you’ll land splat on the floor) and position the balls of your feet on a platform. The platform should be high enough to fully stretch your calf. Use the other hand to grasp on something to support your balance. Lift the other leg and fully raise your heels just like the lever machine exercise above. Complete your desired reps then move on to the other leg. No more asking folks at the gym how to make my legs bigger, these exercises should suffice for the first several weeks of training so let’s get to work!
To YOUR Muscle Building Success.



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