Six Reasons Your Back Training is Not Working

Are you tired of training and training and not seeing any gains in your back and lat muscles? Well I’m here to tell you how to fix the mistakes you are making.
Problem #1
Not working the right muscles. People think all you have to do is pull the bar toward the area you want to target. Such as pull low for low lat activation and pull high for high activation. I was this was all you had to do.
Fix: Wide lat development do wide grip chins
Fix: Hit the lower lats, keep your elbows close to your sides when doing rows and close grip pullups
Fix: Middle back activation is done when doing seated cable rows with standard width.

Back Training is Not Working
Problem #2
Not training the lower back. Most trainer do not directly work the lower back. They feel that it gets enough work with all exercise. This is simply not true.
Fix: Do stiff leg bend over rows. Do these with perfect form.
Fix: Do standard deadlift. Same here do these with perfect form.
Problem #3
Grip giving out before your back muscles. When doing deadlifts for example, I have had a lot of people tell me that their grips give before their backs. The fix is simple.
Fix: Wear straps.
Fix: Use a overhand grip with one hand and a underhand grip the other. This works great! Just be sure to alternate hands when doing this fix.
Problem #4
Not sticking to the basics. Many people go the the gym and use hammer strength machines all day long and wonder why they do not see results. Theses machines are fine if you hit a platue and need to get over it with a different intensity, but other than that I do not recommend the use of these machines.
Fix: Use free weights
Fix: Do many different types of pullups. Example: overhand pullups, underhand pullups, close grip pullups, etc.
Problem #5
Doing back exercises mindlessly. Just going to the gym and going right to the power rack and rushing throught your back routine will not give you results. Go into the gym and have one thing in mind, perfect reps. When you “throw” around weight in the gym, you do not train properly plain and simple.
Fix: Connect your mind and body. When you pull back on the cable row machine, think of your back muscles pulling the weight has always helped me.
Fix: Slow down! Give your self a three count down and a three count back when doing back training. This will ensure you are hitting your primary muscles and excluding the secondary muscles.
Problem #6
Not doing pull ups at all because they are too hard.
Fix: Use a supporting chair or stool when doing pull ups. When you reach your max and want more reps, simply place your leg on a chair or stool and give your self a push. Your body will eventually adapt to the extra reps and soon you will be doing fifteen pullups in no time



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