The 5 Exercises That Are Best For Building Muscle

If you look around at what people are doing in most gyms today, you’ll see a sad sight. Most of the “lifters” are doing nothing but easy exercises like curls, raises, extensions, and the like. While these movements have their place they are NOT best for building muscle.

Best Exercises For Building Muscle
This article will explain the 5 exercises that are best for building muscle. At the end of the article, discover the best, most proven system for building muscle, and learn how you can gain up to 40 pounds in 6 months.
1. Bench Press
Everyone’s favorite lift, the bench press is an exercises than is best for building muscle in the upper body when done correctly. Plant your feet solidly on the floor, arch you lower back, squeeze your shoulders together, and lower the bar to your chest before exploding upwards.
2. Deadlift
Second only to the squat in effectiveness, the deadlift is best for building muscle all over the body. It uses nearly every muscle, from your calves all the way up to your traps. Take a narrow stance, a mixed grip, and yank that bar off the ground!
3. Barbell Row
Though many people think the deadlift is the best back-building exercise, I have gotten the best results from the barbell row. This is a movement on which you should not worry about picture-perfect form. Wear a belt, use straps, bend at the waist, and pull the bar up into your waistline.
4. Pull-Up
The pull-up is an exercise that everyone knows and it is best for building muscle in the lats. Take whatever grip you like (try different ones), and simply pull your body weight up. You do not really need to get your chin all the way over the bar, but make sure your range of motion is at least decent.
5. Squat
Last but certainly not least, the squat is the best all-around muscle building exercise in existence. Though it primarily works the legs, it indirectly taxes the lower back, lats, upper back, and abs, and the hormonal responses it produces make even your upper body grow!



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