Three Lower Ab Workout Routines For Better Abs

You’ve been working so hard to shape up your belly by getting rid of excess belly fat. But still, your abs doesn’t show as you want them. Maybe you are concentrating on crunches and sit-ups rather than the effective lower ab exercise routines. Here are three lower ab workout routines you can do to finally reveal that beautiful abs. Make sure to execute these workouts in order. These are arranged from the least to the most intense.

Lower Ab Workout Routines
1. Finding and priming the Transverse Abdominus.
a. Comfortably sit up straight on a chair. b. Pull your belly button in towards your spine. c. Hold your belly button tight towards your spine for 10 seconds. Repeat it 5 to 10 times. You might be tempted to hold your breath while doing this. But try to breathe normally as you do the exercise.
If you can already hold this position for 1 to 2 minutes straight, then you’re ready for the next lower ab workout.
2. Final preparation — Another priming exercise.
a. Lie on your back flat on the ground. Your lower spine has natural curvature so there must be a little gap between the floor and your lower back. b. Use your abs to close the gap by flattening the lower back against the ground. c. Workout in the succeeding days or weeks until you are able to hold the posture for 2 minutes. Your workout length will depend on your fitness level.
This workout may not be relevant for some people, but they’re important to prepare you for advance ab workout exercises.
3. Leg lifts — It is an important follow-up to the preparation workout because you’ll begin the exercise in the same posture.
a. Lie on your back flat on the ground. Utilize your abs muscles to sustain your lower back’s flatness.
b. Straighten both your legs, and then raise one leg gradually off the ground while the other leg must remain flat. Raise your leg, as high as possible until you feel a stretch. Do the same for the other leg.
c. Repeat the activity eight to 12 times for two to three sets.
It may take months before you master the one leg variation of this lower ab workout. When you master it, you can execute the exercise for both legs for additional difficulty. These three are only some of the many lower ab workouts you can do to improve your abs. You must understand also that working out is only one of the things you should do especially if you want to reveal beautiful abs.



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