Tips to Gain Weight – Eating 5-6 Meals a Day

If you are looking to gain weight you need to start eating more. Period. You can’t expect to gain too much weight if you are sticking to the 3 meals a day routine. Try eating heartier meals 5 or 6 times a day and you’ll start to see some real results. Those that want to lose weight are told to eat this many times per day, but with much smaller portions. When you are trying to gain weight you will want to eat until you feel full many times per day. Here’s how a typical day would go for you when trying to lose weight.

5-6 Meals a Day
Breakfast – You’ll want to get an early start and get the calories coming in. Grab the traditional bowl of cereal, but top it off with a 3 egg omelet, bacon, and hash browns. The protein from the bacon and the eggs will help with your muscle growth, the fiber from the cereal will help everything get absorbed into the body, and the carbohydrates from the potatoes and cereal will help you with your weight gain goal. Top it all off with a large glass of orange juice for a good dose of sugar calories.
Breakfast 2 – Once you start to feel a little hungry again, top off your first breakfast by eating everything you didn’t eat earlier. A bagel and cream cheese would be good. You could also substitute that with toast and peanut butter. The fat from the peanut butter and cream cheese is what your body needs to help everything metabolize better. You don’t have to eat a ton at this meal, just be sure to hold you over until lunch time, and curb any feelings of hunger for the next hour or two.
Lunch – This is a great time to fit in all the things you’ve been craving. Any high calorie, high carbohydrate food will work. Pizza might be the number one weight gaining instrument. It’s got tons of carbohydrates in the crust, as well as lots of heavy fat in the cheese. To keep costs down, you can visit a pizza buffet, there are many of them in your local area that will be less than ten dollars. If you do go with the pizza buffet, be sure to have a big salad with it to help keep things moving through your system. Pass on the regular lettuce and pile on the Romaine. Remember, even though you’re at a buffet, you should not stuff yourself. Just eat until you feel full.
Lunch 2 – Once you start coming down from the first lunch it’s time to eat again. If you have anything you couldn’t finish at lunch now is the time to eat it. You aren’t looking to stuff yourself, just make sure you can get through until dinner time. This is a great time to have a weight gaining shake.
Dinner – Red meat is your key here. Have a steak and a baked potato. Pile on the veggies too like broccoli, peas, and green peppers. By incorporating those three things with your meal, you’ll get a good amount of fats, carbs and proteins. Just be sure to have good sized portions that leave you full but not stuffed.
Bedtime Snack – This is when you should have another weight gainer shake as you don’t want to eat any solid foods before bed.



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