Why Do Some People Stay Skinny Despite Eating So Much?

Ectomorphs are people who are lean in physique and are usually envied by the rest for their ability to burn through calories like a hot knife through butter. The reason behind this godly ability is their high metabolism and this will explain why this is the case.

Skinny Despite Eating So Much

The first thing we will talk about is calorie intake. The metabolism of an ectomorph is liken to a train station; always busy and going somewhere. Likewise, food is always digested quickly as their body is always in high risk of falling into catabolism. An ectomorph have little muscle because the body is in such a constant need for energy that it turns to breaking down the fuel in the muscle, resulting muscles to receive little nutrition and thus break down. You can also replicate this process by consuming food up to 6 times a day. This will result in your body spiking the metabolism rate and thus burn through more calories. Imagine this in the form of numbers. Let us just say that you consume 1000 calories a meal three times a day. Let us also assume that the energy required to break down the food at each meal is roughly at 100 calories. This will result in 900 calories at the end of the digestive process to be used by the body daily. Let us also assume that your daily requirement of calories is at 2400 every day. This will result in an excess of 300 calories a day. Similarly, if your intake of calories remains at 3000 calories but is however taken 6 times a day, the calories left after each digestion process would be a 400, resulting in a total of 2400 calories a day, meeting your daily calorie requirement.
The next thing about an ectomorph is that it uses energy up rapidly. Due to the nature of the body pushing the much needed nutrients at such a rapid pace, an ectomorph does not need to worry about their body storing the leftover nutrients as fats. This can also be replicated through exercise. The best kind of exercise to increase the demand for calories is to do short bursts of heavy weight lifting. This is because it affects a lot of muscles at once and thus there are a lot of places these nutrients need to be delivered. The recommended exercises for this regime are flat bench press, barbell leg squat, dead lift, bend-over row, standing shoulder press and weighted chin up. This will cause the body to burn through calories easily. Coupled with a proper 8 hours of rest, your body will acclimatize to this regime which will burn through calories easily while keeping your body at the peak of its metabolism curve.

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