Add Width to Your Shoulders Through a Lateral Raise Exercise

The worst part of a male physique is the narrow shoulders. This emasculated aspect of their body causes embarrassing moments for them. Adding width to their shoulders is the most essential part of a body building exercise. Lateral raises are vitally important exercises in order to gain mass and width for the shoulders. Your narrow shoulders are not an issue for you now, because you can also flaunt you wide shoulders and “cannonball” look. This is all possible with the lateral raises only.
Shoulders  Lateral Raise Exercise
From the numerous mass building workout programs especially designed for shoulders, lateral raises is the one that isolates the mid part of the shoulders. However the shoulder width is a natural gift depending upon the bone structure that you have. Still there are ways and certain extensive o specially designed exercises practicing which you can maintain or further develop them. You can pack on some must needed inches on your shoulders trying lateral raise exercise consistently.
Lateral raise exercise aims at a head of deltoids which is exactly the shoulder muscle, leaving the two heads behind, lateral deltoid is regarded as the middle, medial or the side deltoid. Actually the main function of lateral deltoid is to raise the arm upward to the side. Exactly this movement is the basis to build up them and finally increasing your shoulder width. Now we are going to discuss the process of doing lateral raise exercise.
Follow the set of instructions below to add width to your narrow shoulders:
1. First stand up in a position where your feet are quite a few inches apart with dumbbells in both of the hands and your inwards turned palms.
2. Slightly curve or fold your arm to the elbow always.
3. Lift up the dumbbell to the sides up to the shoulder height or sometimes slightly above, if manageable.
4. Now lower down these dumbbells gradually.
5. Repeat this exercise for 7-15 times depending upon your caliber and make individual sets.
6. Practice minimum 3-5 sets everyday and gradually increase it.
There are several must know tips that you should bear always in mind because single mistake from your side can cause threat to your wellness goal. While doing this exercise do not ever try to swing dumbbells up with the back momentum, you can take the help from your deltoids. Doing this wrong movement you may be at the verge of the risk for an injury. Do not move randomly; do deliberate movements at a smooth pace.



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