Four Steps to Building Big Bicep Muscle Fast

The key to building big bicep muscles can be broken down into four points and these are: choosing the right bicep exercise, determining the right bicep training intensity, getting the right amount of rest and recovery to allow the bicep muscle to grow, and finally getting the right nutrition needed to allow the bicep muscle to grow in size.
When it comes to training the bicep muscle many people often make the mistake of picking any bicep workout routine and following it to the letter, without actually understanding what they are actually doing. The problem is that most bicep routines are not designed for the average bodybuilder-they were in fact written by and designed by professional athletes who are on anabolic steroids. So it makes sense that what works for them will not necessarily work for you -the natural bodybuilder; who wants to gain muscle mass on their biceps fast.

Four Steps to Building Big Bicep Muscle Fast
I will discuss the four points above and show you how you can incorporate them into your arm building routine.
First select the best bicep exercise. The best bicep exercise is the standing bicep curl for the simple reason that it affects multiple bicep and stabilizer arm muscles. It is also the only bicep exercise that allows you to lift the maximum amount of weight. The maximum amount of weight is crucial because it helps you to generate the maximum amount of training intensity.
Which brings us to the second point, which states that the training intensity generated in your bicep workout is crucial when it comes to building your bicep muscles. This is true for the simple reason that you need the right intensity to stimulate muscle growth in your arms. If you don’t give the biceps the muscle stimulation they need via the right tainting intensity they simply will have no treason to grow in size and strength.
Training intensity can be increased by increasing the weights used in your workouts (whiles using good form), decreasing rest sessions between sets and using a variety of high intensity principles in your bicep workout routine.
The third point to induce muscle growth in your arms is recovery. Once you have stimulated the bicep muscles to grow by using the right intensity it is now time to allow the muscle to recover. Without recovery your arm muscles simply won’t grow! Think of your arms muscles as a construction site. Unless the site is first demolished (broken down by the right intensity workouts) and the foundation laid and allowed to set -the workers can’t build a building (the concrete foundation has to rest and set before you can build on it). To encourage recovery, do not train your biceps more than once a week and 2 sets of 2 exercises is all you need.
And finally the last point for building your bicep muscle is getting the right nutrition.
Once you have all the above three points in place you can then make sure you are consuming the right amount of calories. In general to gain an inch on your arm muscles you need to gain ten pounds of muscle. And to gain weight and muscle you need to be consuming more calories than you burn. A good estimation of the number of calories needed is to multiple your body weight in pounds times twenty. This will give you enough calories to build overall body mass and biceps size
In summary, you must have all the above four points in place if you wish to develop your bicep muscles.
If you do it correctly you will gain muscle on your guns easily- gaining a few inches in a year is indeed possible for the beginner bodybuilder.



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