Great Home Exercise Routine You Can Use

There are many obstacles we face everyday that hinders us from going to the gym and working out. We have 2 jobs, need to do household chores, send kids to school, cook and thousands of excuses one can only imagine. Also, there’s the dreaded winter and snow storm or typhoon that may serve as a “great” roadblock going to the gym.
Good thing there are alternative home exercises you can do while at the comfort of your garage or patio. Remember, in the first place you go to the gym to exercise, it’s only a place and not the sole reason why you workout. In other words, you don’t need a fitness center to tell you to exercise. It’s purely a matter of self motivation.

Home Exercise Routine
1. Walk
Walking is a great exercise young and old can do. It could be at the park, around their house, their garden or their neighborhood. As long as there’s a dry land you can walk, jog or even run. This is a great cardio workout that burns calories without doing the treadmill at the gym
2. Skipping Rope
Some people may find it daunting to go out during the bright sunny day to walk or jog. This is where I find skipping rope a good cardio alternative. Skipping rope may seem simple – you just hope and go over the rope each time it lands to your feet. It is theoretically but, it is pretty challenging to achieve a 300 reps without stumbling the rope.
3. Table Tennis
Table Tennis is a fun exercise that involves the upper torso, hands and a little leg movements. It is a great home exercise even when it is raining outside since it works indoors.
4. Push-up
As an alternative to bench press for building and toning your chest muscles, push-up can be utilize to target not only your pecs but also your triceps. You can do wide push-up routine to target your chest or narrow push-up repetitions to target more of your tricep muscles.
5. Squats
You don’t need to have a rack to do squats. For starters, you can do body weight squats which only use your own body weight as the resistance. It is great for managing your form. If you have dumbells at home you can use them to do front squats that is lifting the dumbells at shoulder level while doing your squat routine.



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