How Long Does it Take to Get Six Pack Abs? – The Revelation

To those who just started exercising in order to obtain a six pack abs must have always asked this question to their personal trainer: “How long does it take to get a six pack?” Sad to say but no one can answer that accurately as no two person have the same genetic makeup – yes, even twins. So what works for your sister might not work out for you.
To have a general “idea” or “time” of how long you can attain a six pack depends on several factors. Identifying each and its connection to your body plus working them to suit your needs is all you can do to succeed.
How Long Does it Take to Get Six Pack Ab
1) First and foremost factor is your genetic makeup. It is generally known that men gain and then lose fats much more easier than women. This is because women are genetically made to have more fats in their body; worse it that a lot of them are concentrated around their waist area. There are exceptions to this rule but most women are made this way.
Know what group you belong to and then work it out. There are three classifications of people according to their body size. These are: 
  • Endomorph – are big boned and have wide hips and bigger body naturally. These group of individuals usually have a hard time losing layer of body fats but they can gain muscles quite fast.
  • Ectomorph – are naturally skinny and small boned. People of this type have high metabolism in their arsenal but have difficulty in gaining muscles.
  • Mesomorph – have more muscles than fats in their body. Among the three, they can get six packs the fastest.
2) Your diet intake is also a factor in determining the amount of time you’ll be able to get a six pack. Working out to the point of exhaustion but consuming junk foods on the side will not lead you any closer to having a six pack. Unless you’re an athlete who do insane amount of cardio everyday, all those who have a six pack maintain a healthy diet.
3) The amount and execution of exercises you did everyday also plays a factor. Combine any cardio workouts you’ve been doing and coupled it with proper abdominal exercises.
So the above mentioned factors determined how long you will be able to attain a six pack abs. Now that you know, work on it and persevere. Discipline and hard work will pay off in due time!



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