How to Build Biceps the Correct Way – Guaranteed!

There are for sure many ways to build your biceps. This is just one of many… Though when I hit the gym I see many people carrying really heavy weights, but after a few months they have only little growth. The answer is they aren’t doing the routine correctly.

How to Build Biceps the Correct Way
Here is one way to increase the size of those biceps of yours. You should rely less on the machines, and more on the free weights. The reason is because, the machines carry most of the weight and is very structured, that you can just rely on them for balance. But when you use free weights you have to balance the weights yourself. And when you do this it affects the tendons which is connected to the bicep muscle, and therefore it encourages more overall bicep muscle use.
You can use this very effective routine. When doing this routine, make sure your elbows are place on your side are stuck there. And also make sure that only your arms move and not your shoulders. You do not have to carry heavy weights at all, just a comfortable weight and it is fine. The main thing is you do the right form. Which will definitely affect your bicep muscle overall. When you feel that the weights are starting to become light, then use a little more heavier weights. Just make sure it is comfortable enough and not too heavy. “Slow and steady wins the race.”
While standing up, hold the weights in rest position (relaxed, and weights are beside your thighs) Then pull weights up half way only ( not all the way until the shoulders) just until you arms look like an “L” and then slowly put back in rest position. Repeat for 12 times.
Next also while standing up, this time your weights are in front of your shoulders. Do the same repetition, until you arms form an “L” Repeat for 12 times
Finally bring the weights back down like the start (in front of your thighs) Then pull the weights all the way up to your shoulders, and then slowly bring it back down to your thighs. This count as one repetition. Repeat for 12 times.
The whole routine counts as one set only. Do this routine for 3 sets.
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