How to Build Chest Muscles Fast? 3 Mistakes You Must Avoid

Want to know how to build chest muscles fast? It’s not difficult when you focus on the correct exercises.
First things first– If you want 6 pack abs, you need to know what to do and what NOT to do.

How to Build Chest Muscles Fast
The latter is even more important
Most people waste an inordinate amount of time on exercises that make no difference. Here are 3 mistakes most gym rates make you MUST avoid.
#1) Consuming TOO MUCH protein
I bet you didn’t that was possible. If you overload on this nutrient all you will have to show for your efforts is a nice layer of fat.
#2) Wasting money on “whey protein”
This is one of the biggest gym scams I’ve ever seen. Do you know where this supplement comes from?
The only difference is that it’s in concentrated form. In other words, you get more protein then if you were to just eat cheese.
But remember-there are much better protein sources than cheese to build chest muscles fast. On the whole, this supplement is NOT worth the money.
And don’t waste money on any expensive supplement. Your diet and exercise routine are HANDS DOWN what will make or break your fitness goals.
Once you have those in order-and you are getting good results-there are a few supplements that might make a small difference.
But on the whole you want to avoid supplements-they really don’t get much in the way of results and they cost a fortune.
#3) Not drinking enough water
8 glasses a day is NOT enough-4-5 liters is actually the amount you should shoot for when training for muscle growth. Water helps “flush” the system and therefore speed up the digestive system. You can’t get ripped without it.
So remember– focusing on whole food sources-along with drinking plenty of water AND avoiding supplements is how to build chest muscles FAST.




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