How to Build Lean Muscle – Get Muscle Growth Without the Fat

If you are new to lifting or muscle building you are probably hear the term lean muscle a lot. If you are wonder what that means it is muscle built without gaining fat. There is a fine line when trying to gain a lot of muscle because you will most often gain some fat in the process. We will show you how to build lean muscle so you will gain only muscle and not fat.
Fat is such a dreaded thing. We as lifters think of fat as the devil. We want muscle growth without the fat. We have some tips for how to build lean muscle that if you follow will help you in your quest.

How to Build Lean Muscle - Get Muscle Growth Without the Fat
1. Whole Wheat and Lean Meat- Eating is incredibly important when it comes to lean muscle building. You want to eat enough calories to support growth, but not gain fat. The easiest way is to eat all natural foods like whole wheat breads and boneless skinless chicken breast. You body will process these best and leave you with less fat.
2. Cardio- Make sure you hit the cardiovascular exercises two days a week for 30 minutes so that you get rid of any extra stored calories
3. No Carbohydrates Past 7pm- This little trick keeps your body from storing fat while you sleep. Make sure that all food after 7pm is either lean meats or protein shakes.
4. Exercise- Of course you are already exercising, but we put this in here because some people think you can build muscle without lifting. Make sure you are hitting each body part one time per week and do not leave out the small muscles like forearms.
These are the best tips for how to build lean muscle that you can find. Just make sure you do them consistently. Consistency is the key to success in everything in life especially gaining muscle. If you keep using these tips you are going to be on the right track.



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