Reasons Why You May Have Trouble Building Muscle

With all the talk about how to build muscle, it is equally important to talk about how to lose mass. This is a very important subject because a lot of people attempt fitness with inadequate knowledge. The simplest explanation to how you can lose muscle is to do some of the opposite of what you do to build muscle. That would be to lower your intake of protein. If you do not get enough protein then you will start to lose muscle.

Reasons Why You May Have Trouble Building Muscle

Another ingredient that is crucial to the maintenance of muscle tissue is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates is a the body’s main source of energy. When the body is not getting enough carbohydrates it will go for the muscle tissue. The body needs more energy to keep muscle than it does to keep fat. If you are on a low carbohydrate diet, then you are at risk of losing muscle mass. Carbohydrates spare the muscle.
One factor that is very crucial to muscle is training. If you are not training your body in an adequate way, that could result in muscle loss as well. If you are strictly into cardiovascular exercises, your body’s muscle mass will be reduced. If you want to build or maintain muscle, you have to incorporate strength training in your workout.
One factor that is guaranteed to result in muscle loss is crash dieting. This is the type of dieting that is dangerous and unhealthy. Some types of crash dieting include going days without eating. If you go for days without eating, you will lose weight. A lot of that weight will be water weight and muscle weight. Due to massive muscle loss, your body’s metabolism will slow down and you will start to feel symptoms such as weakness and confusion. Other types of diets which include the Atkins diet can also result in muscle loss. Even if you eat a lot of protein, eating an inadequate amount of carbohydrates will put you at risk for losing muscle.
While losing muscle is normally considered bad, there are some people who do want to lose muscle. It is often because they find themselves to be too to do certain movements. The best way to lose muscle is to not use your muscles. Let it rest. The body will start taking the muscle to use for energy. Eating less protein and carbohydrates and lifting less weights is a quick way to lose muscle.

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