Soy Protein Benefits For Muscle Growth

Soy milk is a very nutritious drink that is high in protein but low in fat. Soy protein is the best protein among all other protein in grains and nuts. It is considered to be as good as animal protein. Soybean contains about 35% protein. Some greater variety of soybeans contains as much as 40 to 43 percent of protein. Compared to grains, corns, green beans, meat, fishes, and eggs, soy protein powder is just as good as them because it contains all the essential amino acids for human nutrition. Some studies have even shown that soy protein can be used to reduce cholesterol in human body. The Life Extension Foundation is also suggesting soy protein for the treatments for some kinds of cancers.

Soy milk
Protein is the building blocks for muscle. Upon working out, your muscles are depleted of amino acids. In this case, protein shake with high biological value is preferable. The biological value (BV) of protein indicates how efficient and how fast your body can absorb it to rebuild your muscle mass. The higher the BV, the faster your body can absorb it.
This kind of protein powder is known as fast acting protein. It can be broken down to amino acids and distributed throughout your body. This type of protein is very good to maintain or increase your muscle size. Besides its benefit for building muscle, it offers faster recovery for athletes who usually train in high intensity. Studies show that consumption of protein powder can minimize muscle inflammation, reduce body fat level, and increase muscle mass.
Not only does soymilk contain a high amount of protein, but it also contains calcium. This mineral is extremely essential in human body. Ninety nine percent of calcium can be found in bones and the other one percent can be found in soft tissues. Calcium helps improve bone strength and muscle functioning. High intake of protein can cause a side effect of increasing calcium excretion. This often happens to bodybuilders. That is why soy protein is very good for muscle growth.
Despite all the benefits of soy protein, some negative press about soy protein has existed over the years. The myth that soy protein has a feminizing effect proved to be irrelevant. Douglas S. Kalman, M.S, R.D., Director of Nutrition & Applied Clinical Research at Miami Research Associates says:
“Soy protein is safe and just as effective as whey protein in helping exercising males achieve their fitness goals and supports the development of lean muscle mass.”



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