The 7 Best Exercises to Build Muscle Bulk

If you’re a “skinny guy” looking to add a lot of muscle, you’ve probably read hundreds of magazine articles to learn which exercises will help you achieve your goal to build muscle bulk.  Of course if you try to put too much information from any of the article together, you get lost in the whirlwind of “do what when and how’ statements from the confusion of it all.  Plus, you’ll find that the only muscle that’s getting any decent work is your brain just from trying to figure it all out.  Because in those articles a multitude of options were given that probably caused even more confusion and frustration for you than when you first started.  This holds true especially if you didn’t get any results.  Well to clear things up for you, a list of the 7 best exercises to build muscle bulk is provided.

Best Exercises to Build Muscle Bulk
The 7 best exercises to build muscle bulk are:
  • squats
  • bench press
  • dead lift
  • pull ups
  • dips
  • bent over row
  • clean and press
Now, upon reading this you may be wondering why these exercises specifically are the best to build muscle bulk.  (If it were me, it would be too.)  Well, the reason is because they are compound exercises. 
Compound exercises mean that they incorporate multiple muscles in order to perform the exercise move.  This is contrary to isolated exercise moves that only use one muscle or “group” of muscles during the move.
When you lift using compound exercises you get a large number of muscles involved in the routine.  These are classically the best exercises to build muscle bulk because of the number of muscles that are use in the exercise.  These moves really get your heart pumping and boosts your metabolism.  Not to mention compound exercise help release the “good” hormones which is a big contributor in your attempt to build muscle bulk.
Performing compound exercises also help to save physical energy and maximize time.  When you spend too much time exercising, large amounts of cortisol get produced which basically eats away at your muscle.  That muscle being the same that you are attempting to build.  (That’s a pretty good clue that it’s not a good thing.) 
During your next workout use these 7 best classic exercises to build muscle bulk.  They can help prepare you for many other exercises you should incorporate into your routine to get even more work.



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