The Best Chest Workout – Standing Cable Crossover

Are you dreaming of having a strong, toned and wide pectoral muscles? Well, you can not have a pair of those if you do not work hard for it. Like they say, you have to pump iron to build your body up and ther eare many excellent and best chest workout out there that will surely help you achieve your goal.

Standing Cable Crossover
The great thing about having a great body and a well developed, well toned chest muscles is that it gives you confidence in everything that you do. This is specially true in every man that I know and probably in every man in existence.
One of the best chest workout that every body builder agrees upon is called the dumbbell pullover. This is similar to a barbell pullover but instead of using large weight of a bar bell you’d use a smaller version.
For our topic here, we’ll describe another great and powerful chest workout that you can do and add to your exercise routine every time you will go to the gym. This is called the Cable Crossover or more popularly known as the “Standing Cable Crossover”. The name itself sounds very simplistic but how do you do this chest workout?
Here is how you do it. To perfectly execute the cable crossover, you must first choose the weight that you are willing to work on and choose also the position of the pulley’s height. You then grab hold of the overhead pulley handles. This is the part of the chest machine that act as the resistance as it is connected to the weight. Before starting to pull, make sure that your arms and floor are in parallel with each other and that your hands, well the palm, are facing down. In this position start by bending your body over slightly.
The next thing to do, in an arc style fashion movement, lower your arms and bright your hands together. You then perform it reversely when you return to your original position.



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