Weight Training For Beginners – 4 Rules to Ensure Maximum Results!

Ahh, the fond memories I have of weight training as a beginner…or not!
As a beginner many of us really aren’t doing the right things (I was included in that statement) without even realising it. The results don’t seem to come and then you get bored and pack it in. Does that sound about right? If not, great!
But weight training for beginners can be a frustrating experience if results don’t mimic the effort you put in!
Well, with this article I’d like to put you on the right path and give you 4 golden rules for weight training for beginners. Follow these rules and you’ll reach your goals so fast, you’ll be getting some funny looks in the locker room when people see the changes!
Weight Training For Beginners
OK let’s get started with Rule Number 1!
When you first started you probably thought, like myself, that people who worked out only went to the gym and that was that.
Wrong! To consistently see results your diet must be spot on almost EVERY DAY. I get so many questions as a personal trainer about the latest supplements etc etc and I always ask them one thing..”What is your diet like?”
Of course this always ends up being the problem. Before you think about anything else, get your diet right! You can train as hard as you like, you can supplement as much as you like but if your diet is poor – bye bye results!
If you want to build muscle, you’ll want to take in a gram of protein per lb of your bodyweight daily. This should be spread across 5-6 meals (don’t worry they don’t have to be huge meals). Also take in complex, unrefined carbohydrates (such as wholemeal bread, rice, pasta) and essential fats (olive oil, seeds, nuts etc).
To burn fat with weight training, your diet can actually be pretty similar but smaller portions of carbs and fats. It is especially important to keep your diet free of junk if fat loss is your goal.
Rule Number 2 – Weight Training For Beginners
I’d start off by choosing “compound exercises” – Things such as bench press, squats, deadlifts, rows, shoulder press etc. These exercises use the most muscle groups and will give the best hormonal response to build muscle or burn fat quickly.
I would start with a repetition range of 15-20 as you’re a beginner to get used to the weights you’ll be using and 4-6 weeks later you may increase the weight you’re lifting and in trun reduce the rep range to 8-12 repetitions per exercise set.
If you are unsure about your training, use a weight training guide which is…
Rule Number 3 – Get a Weight Training Guide!
When I started out, I was going to the gym doing any old thing and not paying any attention to my diet – Of course, I wasn’t seeing any results until I experienced an “A HA!” moment when the light bulb lit up above my head.
I had stumbled upon a weight training guide on the internet and it ALL started to make sense. Needless to say that is when I started seeing fantastic results.
I’ve put a page together to help you here where I review the best muscle building guides. This rule is essential – the quicker you get one, the quicker you start achieving your goals.
Rule Number 4 – Less is More!
Last but not least, when you’re a beginner and even when you’re advanced, less is more when it comes to weight training! What I mean by that is that you should not hammer away at one muscle group 5 times a week for 2 hours at a time.
You should be in and out of the gym in an hour and you should hit the same muscle group once or a maximum of twice per week!
Your muscles need time to repair and grow stronger! They can never do that if you keep slaughtering them at the gym!
Well, I hope these 4 golden rules have helped you to understand that weight training for beginners is fairly simple but often over complicated. The most complicated part is always the application and discipline you need to succeed.



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