Weight Training Mistakes – 2 Common Bodybuilding Myths

There are countless weight training mistakes that individuals periodically fall victim to from time to time all of which can bring your muscle building efforts to a screeching halt. As with just about all things in life, building muscle mass requires learning and one of the ways we learn is from trial and error. More than likely though the mistakes you’ve made are not your fault are likely the result of being downright lied to by self-proclaimed experts.

Weight Training Mistakes
There is a ton of money being made in the bodybuilding industry and all of this money has caused the lies and misinformation to proliferate dramatically in recent years. In many ways the bodybuilding industry and those who believe call themselves experts are actually robbing you of your hard work and muscle building efforts and literally robbing you of your hard earned money.
That being said, here are the 2 most common bodybuilding myths:
1. Cardio Will Have A Negative Effect On Your Muscle Gains – Many experts claim not only that weight training is just as good for your body as cardio exercises but that too much cardio can actually deter muscle growth. First of all, weight lifting is practically useless for stimulating your heart and cardiovascular system. Secondly, cardio exercise can only affect your muscle gains if you do cardio exercises to excess. Twenty minutes of cardio each day will do wonders for your health and cardiovascular system and will not affect your muscular development.
2. It’s Good To Do A Lot Of Reps On Arm Exercises – I can not exaggerate how frequently I see men at the gym spend a full hour or more training their biceps and triceps. In reality, the biceps and triceps require the least amount of stimulation because of their small size (small relative to your other muscle groups). More often than not, less is actually more when it comes to your biceps and triceps.



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