Why Do Your Crunches Not Give You The Six Pack You Want?

One of the most commonly used exercises by the bodybuilding fraternity is the sit up, also referred to as a crunch. Although there are those who say that crunches and sit-ups are different exercises, their argument being that when correctly performing a crunch your shoulders and upper back should not touch the floor, whereas they do when performing a sit up! Personally, I believe they are the same exercise except that one is more extended than the other.
The theoretic principles have already been highlighted as to what this type of exercise can do for you. However, irrespective of these theories many individuals working hard to get six pack abs still have a really hard time getting them to a level that they are truly satisfied with.

Crunches Not Give You The Six Pack
Many people, especially men, would give anything just to have a muscular physique and a set of six pack abs that can attract much attention. This is because they believe that bodybuilding will not only help them gain respect from their peers but will also help them attract women.
It is for those reasons that so many have tried “empty” bodybuilding workouts and diets that are widely available. However, because not all of the products and bodybuilding programs on the market are designed to suit every individual’s needs, there is often a problem with the results. Often, you can usually find people who complain of poor results during and after they have used these products and programs having completed the bodybuilding routines.
The main reason that many individuals do not get the six pack abs they want, despite performing the exercises daily, is usually down to the methods being used and how the exercises are being performed. In other words, they may not have been correctly instructed. Because of this, they will never benefit from the exercises, even if they are doing them everyday with multiple repetitions and sets.
Another factor that is worth looking into is the fact that you have to designate a definite number of repetitions and sets that need to be performed on certain days and periods. If you plan and execute these factors correctly, you have a good chance of getting the six pack abs you desire and this is even if you do not perform a hundred repetitions and sets of the crunches, or the sit ups.
Performing the Perfect Crunch
To perform crunches correctly, you have to make sure that you are lying on a stable and firm surface. You should also make sure that you are in a symmetrical position before you start and whilst performing the exercise, doing so will ensure that you can target the correct muscle group during your workout.
The best starting position for this exercise is known as the hook position. To start with you should have your arms crossed over your chest. This will ensure that you can fully control your movements. You should also avoid holding your neck in a neutral position for the entire exercise this is so you avoid straining it and it will also help in focusing your movements towards trunk flexion, it is this vital trunk flexion that you have to do repeatedly to attain the six pack abs that you want. The general rule of thumb for the number of sit ups or crunches you need to do in any one session is three sets, each of ten repetitions.



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