Abs Diet – Deadly Mistakes to Fat Loss

There’s no lack of companies out there who are promoting low carb diet as the ultimate solution to lose belly fat. Just do an abs diet search on the internet and you’ll know what I mean. It is estimated that there are at least 25 million people worldwide who follow a high protein and low carb diet. There are many schools of opinions in the effectiveness of such abs diet. And there are those who have claimed great results. But just how safe is a low carb diet?

Abs Diet - Deadly Mistakes to Fat Loss
Scientifically it is not safe to go on a low carb diet to lose fat this is because there are certain tissues in the body that require carbohydrates. For example, the brain needs carbohydrates to maintain normal function and transmit electrical impulse. At rest, 90% of the energy needed to maintain such functions come from carbohydrates, thus you must consume minimal amount of carbohydrates to ensure normal physiological functions.
Also, if your carbohydrates intake is insufficient, your blood glucose level will drop and when this happens the person will become hypoglycemic. The effects of chronic mild hypoglycemic include weakness, decrease in coordination, mental confusion, dizziness and ketosis.
If the shortage of carbohydrates supply continues, the body will go into ketosis and in severe cases metabolic acidosis will result and this can cause serious problems.
The lack of carbohydrates also affects the optimal function of our muscles. If you want an effective and quality abs workout, then carbohydrates are important. If you are suffering from hypoglycemic due to insufficient carbohydrates supply you will experience muscles weakness and you will not be able to do any quality abs workouts because of that. You want to be able to do a quality abs workout when you are training for a great six packs. The lack of optimal muscle function will allow you to do that and you will not get a nice toned abs.
Also, if you are on a low carb diet, you’ll lose weight in the beginning due to water loss. When carbohydrates are stored in the tissues as glycogen, water is also stored along with it. As the glycogen is broken for energy, water is also released with it and excreted in urine or perspiration. When you are not getting sufficient carbohydrates, glycogen levels are being utilized at an accelerated rate, resulting in the release of water and increased urine output. And the result is rapid fat loss.
However, people who lose weight while on a low carb diet will gain it back easily, plus more, when they stop the abs diet.
Fat loss is experienced when the caloric expenditure is greater than caloric intake. An abs diet needs to be balanced with sufficient proportion of protein, carbohydrates, fats and other essential minerals. Even though you are on a low carb diet you must ensure that you consume sufficient carbohydrates for your basic bodily functions.
The ability of you losing fat and keeping it off very much dependent on you being able to follow a change in lifestyle.



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