Avoid These 5 Beginner Mistakes To Get Abs Fast

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of beginners make the same common mistakes. These mistakes are keeping them from achieving maximum success with their Fitness Program, because they are so vital to their success with getting six pack abs.
Now I don’t want you making the same mistakes so I just want to dive right in and get you on the right track to six pack abs by helping you avoid these “beginner” mistakes. These are also mistakes I personally made when I first started working out, trying to achieve a toned stomach, so I know all the little tricks to avoiding them properly.
These are 5 beginner mistakes and I chose them because they are very much overlooked by most people, including myself. Of course, you’re told to avoid making mistakes like working out with bad form, or working the same muscle everyday, but the things I’m going to cover really aren’t stressed enough so I want to emphasize them.

Avoid These 5 Beginner Mistakes To Get Abs Fast
You’re probably wondering, “What exactly are these mistakes I can avoid, I want to know!” Well, you’re about to know, because we’re jumping right in now.
#1 Overloading On Food To Build Muscle
Many, many, many, many…MANY people make this mistake all the time. If they’re a fairly skinny individual (like myself) and they’re looking to build mass muscle fast, they somehow feel like the only way to do this is to overload on food and stuff their bodies with protein.
Yes, you need good amounts of protein to develop mass muscle fast, but don’t “overload” and surprise your body with 9,000 grams of protein after 15 years of a consistent diet of 50 grams of protein a day.
Yes, I might have exaggerated there but you get the point. This only will develop unwanted fat for you and you’ll go from “skinny” to “skinny with a lot of fat hanging off your belt.” Don’t make this mistake, but slowly moderate your intake of protein and carbs.
Don’t feel like you have a time limit to gain muscle fast so you have to stuff yourself with lots of food to get muscle. No. The world isn’t going to swallow you up if you don’t get “ripped” within a month, so moderate your food intake and you’ll be on your way to healthy muscle-building and perfect abs.
#2 Not Compiling A Workout Plan Or Schedule
This is especially for me, as I’m not perfect, and I’m still struggling with this. Yes, it can be super hard to compile a perfectly structured workout plan or schedule because of a number of reasons.
One, it takes lots of time.
Two, there’s not enough time in the day to compose one.
And three, you don’t have motivation to get it done.
Whatever your reason may be, you have to compose a workout plan if you want to succeed. When you do this you just have much more motivation to workout because you know exactly what’s expected of you for that day and you know that it’ll be worth it.
When you don’t have a workout schedule, it’s hard to stay motivated and get off your butt to do it because it seems pointless when you don’t have a set workout for the day.
For me personally, I just feel like I’m all over the place, working different muscles, so it seems dumb to workout without a set program I can follow.
Yes, I know that’s a dumb excuse, but I’m actually working to get my perfect workout schedule done.
#3 Not Writing Out Your Goals Beforehand
Again, I’m completely guilty of this but I DO plan on fixing this, to actually have a set of goals to motivate me to work harder later down the road.
Now why are goals so important? Your specific goals are what’s going to push you to work harder and develop six pack abs, or whatever it is you’re aiming to reach.
Without goals it seems pointless to do any workouts because you have no idea where you’re wanting to be in X amount of days and what you want to achieve. However, when you do establish goals, you know exactly what you want, and you know how long and what it takes to get there.
It’s that extra “push” to get you off the couch and into the gym when you think of where you’ll be once you achieve your goals. It’s an amazing psychological benefit to establish goals, because it truly works in helping you achieve what you want.
#4 Going Into Your Fitness Program Alone
Just because YOU have a specific set of goals and a set workout plan doesn’t mean you need to go in this alone. I felt exactly like this because I wanted to do things exactly how I wanted without anyone’s help.
I was an idiot for doing this, and now I ONLY workout with my buddy and never without him. It’s just such a different atmosphere when you have someone to workout with, and your results dramatically increase as well.
I also consider him to be my accountability partner because he makes sure I work out and eat right since he really cares about me getting success with my Fitness Plan.
*Key Tip: Find someone you know cares about helping you*
I do the same thing for him, but I feel like I require him more than he needs me, as I get so lazy and unmotivated to workout half the time. So, remember go out and find a workout buddy if you want awesome workout results.
#5 Not Stretching Before Workouts
Stretching is huge for anyone looking to get six pack abs, lose weight, develop muscle fast, or all three combined. There is no reason you shouldn’t stretch because people who don’t stretch are either too prideful to take advice that looks like it sucks, or they’re arrogant and think they know everything.
I was both of these and still sometimes am. However, I’ve learned to take advice because someone once told me this little tip, and it dramatically improved my performance during workouts and gave me an extra “boost” in my results.
Stretching before and after workouts is crucial because you develop more muscle and can workout longer when you warm up your muscles and cool them down after workouts. My advice is for you to stretch for a good 10 minutes before and after workouts so you don’t injure yourself and so you receive faster, powerful results.



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