Build Forearms – 6 Steps to Monster Forearms

In order to have a nice body, all muscles must be up to speed, you must pay attention to all muscle groups. One common problem muscle is the forearms, when people try to build forearms they notice just how hard it is to get them to grow.

Build Forearms - 6 Steps to Monster Forearms
I will show you a few tips below to help you add muscle to your forearms as effectively as possible.
* First of all, in order to build forearms try to keep the reps in the 12-20 range and the sets at 5-6 or so.
* Do each forearm workout until absolute failure, your not done until your crying like a little girl.
* Do pyramid sets, what I mean by this is start at a light weight, build your way up to as heavy as you can go, then end on the same weight you started on.
* Isolate the muscle when you are trying to build forearms, focus on behind the back wrist curls, and reverse barbell curls.
* As the forearms recuperate fairly easily, its advisable to exercise them 2 times every week, only if they aren’t sore of course.
* Always focus on form over weight when trying to build forearms, leave that ego behind at the door and just lift lightly.
Always remember to pay attention to what your body is telling you. Not everyone wants to get very big, as sometimes you will get enough of a workout by simply doing compound exercises such as the deadlift.
The forearms are only a small overall part of the big picture, focus on the bigger body parts like chest, legs and back, and the forearms will follow.



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