Build Muscle Fast – 7 Simple Secrets For Fast Muscle Growth

Are you weight lifting day in and day out and still you can’t see any results? Maybe there are a few things that you don’t know about. This article will give you information on the fastest way to build muscle mass.
Here are 7 simple secrets on how to grow muscles fast: 

 Simple Secrets For Fast Muscle Growth
  1. Consume more calories than you burn: this is the first thing you need to do. Yes, you will gain some fat, but if you want to see massive jumps in muscularity, consuming many calories every day is an absolute must.
  2. Get rid of “bad foods”: Empty your fridge of sodas, juices, bacon, pepperoni, ice cream and practically anything that contains sugar or sodium. Sugar and sodium are your enemies. If you leave them there sooner or later you will yield to temptation.
  3. Eat the right foods:
    • Eggs and egg whites in particular (they are an excellent source of protein).
    • Cheese and especially cottage cheese (it is low in saturated fat).
    • Turkey and chicken (they are also rich in proteins).
    • Extra virgin olive oil (it’s loaded with antioxidants).
    • Salmon and especially wild salmon (it contains omega-3 fatty acids).
    • Lean red meat such as beef (it contains B vitamins, iron and zinc).
    • Milk (it can provide your body with calcium and protect your bones during hard workouts).
  4. Eat every 2-3 hours: You should be eating decent size meals to promote muscle gain. Taking only 1-2 meals a day can actually make your muscles smaller.
  5. Don’t forget stretching: Stretching can help you minimize injury and maximize performance.
  6. Get enough sleep: Growth hormone is produced during sleep, so try to get at least 6-8 hours of rest every night.
  7. Make your body produce more testosterone: Testosterone stimulates protein synthesis and causes muscle growth. You can control your testosterone levels through your diet, at least to some degree.



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