Building Muscle – How to Build Up Your Shoulders

Bodybuilding supplement is for the body to use when you exercise it to extreme, and it needs more energy.
The shoulders are the most difficult body part to train. This three-part muscle wraps around the shoulder joint.
The basic exercise is the shoulder press or military press.
You do the exercises on a Smith machine or free weights. I prefer free weights.
Grab a Barbell with a moderate weight, grab a seat. Yes, this is the seated version.

Building Muscle - How to Build Up Your Shoulders
Keep your back straight, your arms should be wide enough so you can get the weight down behind your head. Start slowly so as not to hit yourself at the back of the head then straighten your arms. Do a set of ten repetitions. And then rest for a full minute.
Do another set of ten repetitions with the same weight, then go to the next weight, a bit heavier. Do another set.
A couple of variations on this exercise are to the front where you lower the bar to the front of the head instead of the back. This shifts it to the front of the shoulders.
Another variation is the wide grip where you grab the bar a little wider. This intensifies the muscles as you do not get help from the triceps.
Next Dumbbell Lateral Raise. Grab a pair of Dumbbells and sit at the end of the bench with your feet together. Hold the weights to your side with your thumb to the front and raise your arms straight up to your side. Stop when they get level with your head then bring them down. Do a set of ten repetitions then have a rest.
Do three sets of these exercises with the same weight if you find it a bit difficult.
Now, Barbell Upright Row
Grab a barbell, overhand grip. Hold the bar in front of you with your arm straight. Raise the bar to just under your chin pause then slowly follow it down to the starting position.
Do three sets of these exercises with moderate weight.
The shoulders should feel pretty exhausted now, and the supplements will be kicking in with extra energy.
Dumbbell Seated Shoulder Press
Grab a pair of dumbbells and sit on the edge of a bench. Hold the weights similar to the Barbell Press with the weights level with your ears. Press the weight up with your arms almost straight. The weights are not to touch then back down to the start. Do three sets of ten.
That’s shoulders done til next week when we do it all over again.



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